My name is Jimmy Coggins. I train service professionals. I also coach individuals in achieving greater clarity in their life and goals, using mindfulness and somatic awareness practices.

A few years ago, I wrote and published a book about the intersection between mindfulness and customer service called Being In Service. Having made a career in hospitality – which included not only customer service but also the myriad positions that required the ability to remain focused in tight, dynamic spaces (i.e. cooking, bartending) AND having spent a considerable amount of time on the cushion (meditating), I was enamored of the similarities between these two pursuits.

A lot has changed since I wrote the book. Mostly I realized that twenty years of meditation had not prepared me for the turmoil emerging in our society and the schisms I felt opening within myself. As our country became more polarized, I found myself also becoming more rigid in my own beliefs, and this ran against decades of a Buddhist practice of non-attachment. I was deeply attached and intractable. Within this attachment, I was also deeply disturbed by what seemed so apparently wrong and yet what seemed so apparently right to many other people. It brought both my practice and my relationships into sharp focus. It challenged me to examine my spiritual practice more deeply. I recognized that I was standing at a precipice.

This site has become a place to stand at the precipice and look more deeply. I invite you to look with me and to challenge your own fixed beliefs about yourself and about the world around you.

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